The World's Most Expensive Destinations

We always try to keep our readers up to date on all of the culinary happenings and popular travel destinations around the world, but not everyone is financially fit enough to order everything and travel everywhere we recommend. That's totally understandable. So how do these places compare?

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Although locations like Paris, London, and New York are definitely the premier spots for a vacation, are the associated prices really that practical for everyone? And what is it, exactly, that makes a destination so costly? These are the questions we aim to answer, using the latest rankings from sites such as TripAdvisor, a recently released study by, our own travel expertise, and information gathered by our various contributors.

For the record, this list isn't meant to put down any of the following destinations, nor is it intended to deter potential travelers; it is simply a helpful guide. Because even if you're set on seeing certain cities one way or another, this list will at least let you know which ones will require a little extra digging for deals.