Is This The World's Most Bizarre Fast-Food Menu Item Of All Time?

At least a couple of times per year, a new fast food product comes along that leaves us scratching our heads. Pizza with a crust that's stuffed with cheese? Amazing! A taco shell that's actually a giant Dorito? Genius! But believe it or not, even America's most far-out fast food creations pale in comparison to what's being offered by these same chains internationally.

The Daily Meal rounded up 15 of the wildest, most over-the-top fast-food menu items that we've encountered, and while several are from the U.S., the vast majority are international items.

The McDonald's Japan Gracoro burger came out on top.

A seasonal item with a cult following since its release in 1993, the Gracoro Burger is a real oddball. Instead of a burger patty, there's a fried ball of macaroni, shrimp, and white sauce, with a breadcrumb crust. It's topped with cheese, lettuce, and a mysterious brown sauce.