The World’s Most Beautiful Snowbound Restaurants

High up in the mountains or right off city streets, these restaurants are beautiful winter havens

Stay warm inside Moscow's White Rabbit restaurant.

Fresh winter snow falling is an enchanting thing to witness. Sure, the following few days of trekking through half-melted, muddy sludge isn’t exactly appealing, but for the brief time that the snow is coming down and the streets around you are being coated in white, it is truly a beautiful sight.

The World's Most Beautiful Snowbound Restaurants

Being in a remote location or indoors with those closest to you watching the snow fall adds to the serenity of the experience. Throw in a fireplace and some delicious cuisine, and the night sounds like a fairytale. You can stay at an intimate bed and breakfast with an award-winning restaurant next door on the Scottish Isle of Skye, or look out onto the St. Lawrence River with a fireplace burning inside the Panache restaurant in Québec City.


If wintery landscape dining views are essential to you, or if you’re just looking for a place to enjoy a good warm meal indoors in snowy weather, you’ll find a restaurant worth visiting in this list of the world’s most beautiful snowbound restaurants