The World's 8 Best Sushi Restaurants

Modern-day sushi began as a convenient fast food option in Japan more than a century ago. What was originally a quick snack has grown into an art form and luxury dining experience globally. We can thank refrigerators for the exponential growth in popularity of this Japanese cuisine. With a method to keep fish fresh as it travels the long distances from Japan to each sushi spot around the world, it's no wonder why more sushi bars and restaurants keep popping up.

Slideshow: The World's 8 Best Sushi Restaurants

As mentioned in our story of 10 things you didn't know about sushi, it was first brought across the Pacific in the late 1960s when the restaurant Kawafuku opened in Los Angeles. The rest, you can say, is history.

From three-Michelin-starred sushi restaurants such as Sushi Saito and Sukiyabashi Jiro in Japan to more affordable dining options at Zaibatsu in London or Miku in Vancouver, sushi-lovers will be pleased with any restaurant on this list.