Why Snapchat Is Making Travel A Living Hell

When it comes to travel, there are a lot of pet peeves to be found. Nobody likes bad weather, getting groped by the TSA, long layovers, or crying babies — yet, according to the travel-dating site MissTravel.com, there were at least five bigger annoyances out there when it came to traveling in 2016.

The site conducted a survey of 35,288 people and found that 31 percent of respondents cited Snapchatters as the most annoying part of travel. No surprise, especially considering the fact that almost 150 million users are snapping on a daily basis.

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"Half the fun of traveling is the interactions you have when meeting new people," said Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of MissTravel. "It's fine to share travel photos and videos with your friends on Snapchat, but it's also important to be mindful of those around you."

Specific issues with Snapchatting ranged from travelers taking too long to photograph a certain site, not paying attention to their surroundings, and getting in the way of others.

"Travelers visit a place for a new experience and it can be quite off-putting to be around someone who limits their perspective by their phone screen," Wade added.

The second-most annoying habit? Flight delays, according to 28 percent of voters. This means that a small portion of travelers are perfectly fine with hanging around an airport for an extended period of time, as long as a Snapchatter doesn't happen to bump into them.

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Rounding out the top five biggest pet peeves were having to pay for WiFi (13 percent), smelly food on airplanes (7 percent), and neglecting to push luggage through airport security scanners (5 percent). Sixteen percent of respondents cited "other" actions as the most annoying to them.

Last year, the top five responses were: selfie sticks, hogging overhead compartments, using an iPad to take photos, distractions by social media, and smelly food on planes.

This goes to show that technology, even with all the conveniences it can provide, tends to complicate travel as more advances are made.

Also, nasty smelling food will apparently be annoying until the end of time. So leave the egg salad sandwiches at home, Oscar!

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