Where Is Your Favorite College Campus Drunk Food Spot?

Weigh in on your favorite college hangout for late night drunk munchies

Pizza is a common late-night drunk food order in college.


A night out on a college campus either ends in ordering a pizza and passing out before it arrives, trying desperately to microwave some Bagel Bites, or heading out to your go-to drunk spot for greasy food. The reason we can’t shake those late-night cravings is because our bodies need fuel that isn’t booze to function. Plus, the fact that we’ve already consumed so many calories means that we feel a few hundred more won’t hurt.

Pizza, burgers, tacos, nachos, Chinese food, and sweets all make the list when it comes to drunk food, but what about those iconic college spots you have to thank for feeding your embarrassingly drunk self? They’re where stories were made, where nights you don’t remember came to a head, and where you stuffed your face with fried food at 2 a.m.

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