Where To Wine And Dine At The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa In Scottsdale, Arizona

To properly rejuvenate one needs to not only enjoy the spa basics but eat healthy as well. The Westin Kierland dining options are designed to help rejuvenate by eliminating trans-fats, being rich in antioxidants, and supporting the body with "Superfoods."

Indulge in Nuevo Latino cuisine at deseo, where traditional Latin American ingredients meet contemporary culinary style. Eat your meal at a row of seats known as "The Rail" where guests can sit and watch chefs working in the kitchen. If you're lucky enough to get a reservation at the rail, you can learn how to make Nuevo Latino dishes as well as sample a bite or two.  

Nellie Cashman's Cafe 
Guests can enjoy a more relaxing experience at Nellie Cashman's. The menu is filled with superfoods meant to capture the essence of Arizona. One of the signature events at Nellie Cashman's is the "Bubbles & Brunch". During the brunch, guests can opt for the mimosas while enjoying white tea smoked salmon, omelets made to order, crab legs, shrimp-on-ice, and more.  

Brittlebush Bar & Grill  
Gastropubs have earned a spot in the public eye as a favorite dining option. Brittlebush Bar & Grill is the Kierland Resort gastro-pub-style restaurant. The foods are made from locally sourced ingredients and pair nicely with the large selection of craft beers. The resort even offers its label, "Piper's Pale Ale." The Brittlebush Bar & Grill is located in the Kierland Golf Club and offers not only great food, locally brewed beer, and craft beers, but also a stunning mountain view. 

Scotch Library  
The Scotch Library isn't your average library. Instead of offering good reads and classic novels, you'll find it offers some of the world's most rare bottles of whiskey. You won't find bartenders at the library either — instead, it has ambassadors. The ambassadors are experts in single malt and blended whiskeys from Scotland. An Evening of Scotches is a tasting event at the library where guests learn about each scotch they taste and how to drink properly.  

Coffee Flats 
Every morning, guests are treated to a delicious cup of coffee paired with a fresh pastry or frozen yogurt. The coffee is from Starbucks, and the food choices are from locally sourced vendors. You can even buy the food products pre-packed as gifts for people back home.  

The Rim Lobby Lounge 
The Rim is a perfect lobby lounge where cocktails are fresh and the wine is superb. Situated below the front desk, The Rim also offers views of the very popular Dreamweaver's Canyon.  

J. Swilling's Pool Bar & Grill 
In between laps in the pool take a break at J. Swilling's Pool Bar & Grill. A more relaxed, resort-style venue, J. Swilling's is the perfect way to enjoy a day at the pool. 

Waltz & Weiser Whiskey Bar and Cantina 
If you want a more themed experience, Waltz & Weiser is where you'll want to visit. The cantina is a western style saloon inspired by the historic mining years of Arizona. The upscale food, however, is more representative of something you'd find in the big city.  

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