What Cuisine Are You, Based on Your Astrological Sign?

Let your horoscope help you decide what to eat tonight

Photo Modified: Flickr/cookingetc/CC BY 4.0

Guess what sign can claim French cuisine?

Every cuisine has its own unique character, and, when you look at it a certain way, those characteristics line up with various points on the zodiac. This begs the question, what cuisine are you, based on your astrological sign?

If you haven’t figured out what hot sauce or iconic New York food you are yet, you should do so as soon as you get the chance. It might make for some interesting ideas for your next meal. Of course, you should probably get those birth charts out to figure out what to drink with that meal.

Another fun idea: You and your significant other could invent a fusion dish based on your zodiac signs’ corresponding cuisines. It could be fantastic — or a complete disaster. Perhaps that’s a warning?

If you think of more food-astrology comparisons, tweet @thedailymeal with your thoughts.

Aries: Sri Lankan

Aries are adventurous by nature, and unafraid of new, often underrated cuisines. It helps that a lot of Sri Lankan food is spicy and fiery, just like Aries.

Taurus: French

Tauruses are traditionalists, first and foremost, so hearty items like confit du canard, hachis parmentier, and other must-try foods in France, which have been cooked and perfected without much variation for a long time, are the perfect fit for their persona.

Gemini: New American

Geminis are playful by nature, and willing to try a lot of different things — but on their own terms; likewise, New American foods play with flavors from different cuisines, be it sriracha or cotija cheese. The best spotlight for New American cuisine is brunch, where talkative Geminis can chat for hours over Indian-spiced bloody marys and the like.

Cancer: Caribbean

Cancers are known for being sweet people, and in the Caribbean, even the hot Scotch bonnet pepper — the native chile — is slightly sweet.

Leo: Modernist

Leos are creative, bold, and enjoy being the center of attention, much like the molecular cuisine championed by geniuses like Ferran Adrià, José Andrés, and Heston Blumenthal. Potato chip foam? Cocktails with mango air? The more scene-stealing, the better.

Virgo: Japanese

Virgos are neat and meticulous, like a plate of sashimi or the mindfully organized setup of a bento box.

Libra: Italian

Libras are diplomatic (think of how Italian food is enjoyed in almost every country), and make an effort to be likeable. Well, who doesn’t like Italian food? Like accommodating Libras, most Italian restaurants have options for vegetarians and people who can’t handle spice. 

Scorpio: Russian

Caviar, in particular, represents your typical Scorpio: complex in taste but with a harsh bite of salt. Not everyone has a taste for caviar, but everyone wants to, for this proud, expensive product has an undeniable allure.

Sagittarius: Indian

Sagittarius loves adventure, and Indian food covers so many different flavors, from the meaty tandoori dishes of the North to the vegan rice platters of the South. Sagittarius is represented by a centaur because people under this sign have two conflicting ways of being: the philosophical human and the aggressive horse. Well, conflicting flavors is why people like Indian food, according to science.

Capricorn: Chinese

Whether you’re ordering takeout from the shop down the street or eating at an institution like Xi’an Famous Foods, Chinese food is reliably delicious all over the world. Reliability is the hallmark of a Capricorn.

Aquarius: Mexican

Aquarians are anything but dull, and Mexican food bursts with flavor and color. Aquarius men and women also tend to be very popular, and, well, so are tacos.

Pisces: Southern


Comfort foods, such as Southern classics like fried chicken or pecan pie, just get you, and Pisceans are known for being empathetic.