What Complimentary Snacks Does Your Airline Serve? (Slideshow)

Some of these snacks are more appetizing than a two-ounce bag of dry-roasted peanuts. Others are just peanuts...

AirTran Airways

— Peanuts

Alaska Airlines

— Pretzels

American Airlines

-— Peanuts


— Biscoff cookies

— Pretzels

Hawaiian Airlines

— Hawaiian Sweet Maui Onion Potato Chips

— Pau Hana Snack Mix


 DORITOS Tortilla Chips

— Keebler Animal Crackers

— PopCorners Popcorn Chips

— Skeeter Nut-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

— Snyder's 100 Calorie Pretzels

— Terra Blues Potato Chips


No complimentary snacks are available.

Southwest Airlines

— Peanuts

— Pretzels

United/Continental Airlines

— Biscoff cookies

— Fresh fruit

— Pretzels

Virgin America

— Chex Mix

— Hail Merry Seasoned Nut Blend