Unusual and Outrageous Street Food in Asia (Slideshow)


Clams in Cambodia

A woman carting clams along the roadside in Siem Reap, Cambodia. With a hot and humid temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, this wasn’t a fish dish that I was dying to taste.

Sugar Cane Juice

Attached to the side of an electric scooter, this man makes sugar cane juice with a generator for the equivalent of $0.20 cents U.S. Very delicious and thirst-quenching in the heat.

Taro Root

In Shanghai, something that looked like a little bit like a fried potato latke. It was actually taro root, stuffed with ham and carrots.

Noodle Soup

In Bangkok, I spied something familiar. I did some pointing and smiling and ended up with a wonderful bowl of noodle soup with shrimp won tons. I could have eaten this every day, but would have missed out on other delights. 40 baht equals $1.24 for an awesome breakfast soup!


Noodles of all shapes and sizes for soups.

Meatballs & Wieners

The balls were made from pork, and the wieners were cut very meticulously on the streets of Phuket. 


As adventurous as I am, I didn’t know where to begin when chowing down on this pig snout. Would there be snot inside? Sinuses? I had to pass this one up.

Soup in Phuket

This soup in Phuket smelled a little funky, and although the eggs were an obvious food group, the rest of it was too foreign for me to sample.

Grilled Fish

At the Karl Buhlmann market in Phuket, on the way to our hotel from the airport. Another seemingly easy food to detect. These lovely grilled fishes were prepared with onions, lime, and very hot chile peppers. I tried to find out what species of fish these were, but no one seemed to speak my language at this stall.

Mysterious Eggs

Eggs from an unknown bird. As you can see they are very small. It didn’t help the sale when I saw a fly perched on top of the cooked eggs.

Familiar Flavors

I knew this one. Corn on the cob. Unspoiled and delicious. Nothing to fear.

Banana Pancake in Phuket, Thailand

It’s hard to go wrong when you see the words Banana Pancake. In Phuket, Thailand, these crepe-like snacks come in familiar flavors. The batter is spread out onto a griddle, stuffed with fruit, peanut butter, or Nutella and sweetness abounds.

Sweet and Sticky

These were sweet and sticky, and I hope it was fruit.


I hovered over a woman who was making these taco-esque, marshmallow-topped dessert treats, and the woman making them saw me drooling and handed me one to try. I tried to give her some money, but she refused. For 20 Thai baht, you get about 10 in a bag.