Top 5 Things to Pack for Safari

Check out Michaela Guzy's expert packing tips for a sub-Saharan trek

Michaela Guzy offers up her backpacking must-haves.

Join Michaela Guzy, founder of as she packs her light weight bags for Africa yet again. Since her first trip to sub-Saharan Africa in 2012, when she set off on a three-month solo journey across seven African countries, she's become quite the bush princess-- code name for expert safari packer. In the past three years, she's been back countless times, packing and unpacking through Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, and South Africa just to name a few. Check out her video on the Top 5 Things to Pack for Safari to learn the must-haves to stay safari chic and still under the weight limit for the bush planes. Favorite pieces like REI's black puffy vest, Anatomie's never wrinkle trench and Kenyan designer, Anna Trzebinski's feathered pashminas!