Top 10 Gluten-Free Cities Around The World


With 210 gluten-free-friendly establishments, you'll be sure to find great places to eat while in Amsterdam. The Rijksmuseum Café and Haesje Claes are two of the best places recommended.


If you're visiting Auckland, you'll find gluten-free fish and chips and even a gluten-free Japanese restaurant. Two spots you have to try, though, are Barefoot in the Bay and Hog Heaven Café.


Barcelona has gluten-free options ranging from bakeries to tapas bars. Although there are plenty of places to try, but especially good are Copasetic and Lolita Tapería while you're there. 


Ever heard of gluten-free Chicago deep-dish pizza? Well, several restaurants in the Windy City serve it, and you won't forget the name of one: Chicago Pizza. If you're in the mood for gluten-free beer or other gluten-free pizza options, head to the recommended restaurants on this list, Wildfire or Orange


Fine dining restaurants and grocery products throughout Colorado are becoming increasingly friendlier to the gluten-free lifestyle. Vesta Dipping Grill and Watercourse Foods are two places in Denver that you have to try if you're in the area. 


According to Travel Supermarket's study, Dublin is home to 330 gluten-friendly establishments. Out of the many places you can try for a gluten-free meal, Anvil Bistro and Cornucopia are the best recommended restaurants. 


All right, it's not a city, but Maui, the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, offers numerous gluten-free options. Depending on where you're staying, you should try to eat at Down to Earth Organic and Natural in Kahului or Honu in Lahaina for some delicious gluten-free food.

Portland, Ore.

Portland, Oregon, is one of the highest-rated gluten-free friendly cities on this list. There are 181 places to choose from — and a gluten-free craft brewery Stop by Ground Breaker Brewing for a completely gluten-free meal, or at Brooklyn House Restaurant if you're looking for something more intimate. 


Although Prague has the smallest number of gluten-free-friendly establishments on this list, it is ranked high for its preponderance of gluten-free food. Try the completely gluten-free Alriso, or the gluten-free versions of traditional Czech cuisine options at Švejk Restaurant U Karla

San Francisco

There is a range of restaurants in San Francisco catering to gluten-free diets, from Thai food to burger joints and bakeries. To grab a golden, gluten-free butter croissant, stop in to Mariposa Baking Company, or for some quinoa bread and breakfast served all day, head over to Jane.