20 Things Your TSA Agent Won't Tell You (But You Need To Know)

When it comes to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and their officers, most people aren't exactly fans. It's sometimes confusing to know what you can or can't take through security, and the long process can make travel more stressful, especially if you're just trying to survive a long flight.

20 Things Your TSA Agent Won't Tell You (But You Need to Know) Gallery

Many find airport security to be unnecessarily invasive — especially when it comes to how much of a person's body is shown when going through body scanners and how people feel about pat-downs. People have such strong feelings toward the TSA that some officers find it easier to fib about the true nature of their job than just state that they're a TSA agent at an airport.

But there are a few facts about the TSA that could make things easier for many travelers if they were widely known. To make your next travel experience more pleasant, read these 20 things your TSA agent won't tell you.

Travel Editor Syjil Ashraf, Bianca Bahamondes, and Matt Sulem contributed to this article.