Alnwick garden gate

Flickr/Joe Jakemand/CC BY 4.0

These 25 Travel Destinations Might Actually Kill You

These vacation spots may be enticing but be careful while you're there — or just stay away
Alnwick garden gate

Flickr/Joe Jakemand/CC BY 4.0

A trip to one of these spots just might be your last.

Safety is always a factor to consider when traveling, even when you’re in one the safest cities in the world. Some destinations, however, require a bit more caution than others.

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If you’re a thrill-seeker, you might plan your vacations specifically because of the risk factor. If you’re not, you still might find yourself wanting to visit a popular spot without realizing the dangers involved. Sometimes a tranquil castle’s seemingly harmless gardens hold the ability to poison you. Other times, you simply want to visit a famous national natural landmark or the setting of a great scene from a recent blockbuster, not realizing that a slip of the foot could mean curtains.

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Here are 25 popular travel destinations that might kill you — for which we advise caution, if not a change in plans.