There’s a Whole Clothing Line Dedicated to McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast

McDonald’s Australia enlisted a designer to create a line of ‘brekkiewear’ to celebrate the launch of all-day breakfast

The ‘all-day brekkiewear’ line sold out not long after it was made available on McDonald’s eBay page.

In Australia, the public’s appreciation for McDonald’s all-day breakfast is so strong that it’s inspired a line of clothing.

In collaboration with McDonald’s Australia, local designer Emma Mulholland designed a small range of clothing dedicated to McDonald’s brekkie, Australian slang for breakfast.

The “brekkiewear,” made available only on eBay in a limited stock of 300 items, includes a white tee, pajama bottoms, and a button-up dress. Each fast food fashion statement features items from the breakfast menu like hash browns and Egg McMuffins.

Unfortunately, all the items are now out of stock. All proceeds will benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities, an organization that provides temporary housing for the families of children who are receiving long-term medical attention, such as pediatric cancer treatment.


Mulholland’s breakfast-inspired line is not the first time that McDonald’s has inspired couture — one spring, the high-end Italian fashion house Moschino launched a line of dresses and sweaters featuring the golden arches, and last fall, a Florida McDonald’s franchise enlisted fashion students to create a line of dresses that were made directly out of McDonald’s food packaging materials