Texas Café Breaks Guinness World Record for Paint-By-Number of Giant Sandwich

The giant mural had 2,643 individual sections

This Austin café now holds the Guinness World Record for “Most Contributions to a Painting” due to a mural of an enormous sandwich.

The Austin-area café Schlotzsky’s has made the Guinness World Record for “Most Contributions to a Painting” due to a paint-by-number mural of a giant sandwich. The enormous mural made to look like a signature Schlotzsky’s sandwich was designed by street artist Sloke One (known as the “Mayor of Austin Graffiti Art”). The chain has several locations in and around Austin, but this record-breaking mural was done outside of Schlotzsky’s South Lamar Boulevard location.

The attempt to make world history was the finale of a three-day-celebration for the first official Austin City-designated “Schlotzsky’s Day” on October 6. The café was able to surpass the previous record holders, the Victoria Educational Organization in Hong Kong who had created a 42-foot-long mural with 2603 contributions in 2015.

A press release for the restaurant said that the mural featured “2,643 individual sections painted by Austinites and visitors over the course of three days, the mural surpassed the 2,604 goal and is a true ‘Austin Original,’ and a colorful, permanent legacy in the city.”

Matt Lankes Photography

Matt Lankes Photography

Michael Empric, the Guinness adjudicator who presented Schlotzsky’s with the prestigious title, said, “It was wonderful to see so many members of the Austin community participating in Schlotzsky’s attempt for the Guinness World Records title of most contributions to a painting by numbers.”


Achievement must be in the air, because hot on the heels of Schlotzsky’s record-breaking mural comes another massive accomplishment: Students at the State University of New York at Purchase recently broke the record for the world’s largest sushi roll. Interested in breaking a record of your own? Check out these 11 record-breaking food feats.