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Tiny Islands Where You Can Step Back in Time

Book a getaway that will help you get away from modern life

An island vacation is often the best vacation, precisely because the manner in which islands are often cut off from the mainland really gives off that vibe of being a world away from home. While your island bucket list is probably filled with gorgeous and popular destinations filled with award-winning all-inclusive resorts, Michelin-starred restaurants, and world-class beaches, sometimes it’s good to just focus on the kind of island that really can take you away from modern-day life.

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The smaller the island, the less it tends to have been a focus for modern development and the tourist hordes. As a result, we’ve found that the natural beauty or historic buildings — churches, mansions, castles, homes — of such islands are relatively well-preserved. Land cheap tickets to a relatively unknown and tiny destination and chances are you’ve landed yourself a getaway with an old-school vibe, free of modern trappings such as constant Wi-Fi connectivity, crowded (and high-stress) tourist trap restaurants, and sometimes even automobiles. For a truly relaxing vacation where you can unplug and unwind without all the noise and crowds of other more popular destinations, consider a trip to one of these tiny islands where you can step back in time.