Slideshow: The World's Craziest Pizza Toppings

The World’s Craziest Pizza Toppings

Some crazy toppings probably sound better than others, like corned beef or beans, but it's the unlikely combinations people choose to pair with a cheesy slice of pizza that are the most intriguing thing about some of the popular options on this list. Cashews and cream cheese? Banana curry? Coconuts? Decide for yourself which — if any — unusual toppings you'd try if presented with these options.

Baked Beans (UK)

Brits love their baked beans and add them to many local favorite dishes, so it would make sense that the side dish would find itself as the main star on a pizza.

Banana Curry (Sweden)

This dish is traditionally made with thin slices of smoked ham, smoked cheese, ripe bananas and curry powder. This popular Swedish pizza would likely appear on a menu under Classics, and combines sweet, salty, and spicy flavors.

Cashews and Cream Cheese (Colorado)

The "A Nutty Idea" pizza at Roma Restaurant in Greeley, Colorado, is topped with cashews, cream cheese, pepperoni, mozzarella, and tomatoes. Nutty indeed.

Chicken Tikka Masala (UK)

Chicken tikka masala is one of the most popular foods in the UK, so (as it goes with most foods people enjoy) it's only natural the dish would find its way onto a pizza at some point. We're okay with this.

Chocolate (UK)

We love pizza. And we love chocolate. Why not put them together on one pizza? Chocolate pizzas are all the rage across England, and have even hopped the pond to restaurants in the US. Most places offer it as more of a dessert option with a chocolate cream cheese.

Cicada (Missouri)

Cicadas may only surface once every 17 years, but when they do they're fair game for adventurous pizza-lovers. The cicadas give the pizza a nutty flavor and are best when fresh.

Coconut (Costa Rica)

A popular pizza topping in Costa Rica is coconut. This odd choice is sometimes paired with shrimp, too.

Corn Dogs (Minnesota)

This delectable fusion of two favorite American dishes is available at the annual Minnesota State Fair. Festival attendees can head over to the food tent to taste this pizza topped with deep-fried corn dogs.

Fish (Russia)

This pizza is for the true fish fan (and maybe those without a sense of smell). Russians love their Mockba (Moscow) pizza, which is topped with onion and five types of fish: mackerel, herring, tuna, sardines, and salmon. Too much? Maybe.

Full English Breakfast (UK)

Complete with sausage, baked beans, fried eggs, bacon, potatoes, mushrooms, and tomatoes, the full English breakfast is hearty and filling — even more so on top of a pizza. Lump it all on a crusty pizza base and top it off with cheese, and you have a surprisingly popular British meal.

Haggis (Scotland)

Haggis is a popular food choice in Scotland, and is apparently just as good on a pizza pie. Some restaurants serve a haggis pizza, and it is also sold frozen in stores across Europe.

Mayo Jaga (Japan)

In Japan you'll find several strange pizza toppings used, one of these being mayo jaga, or "mayonnaise and potatoes." Although unusual, it doesn't sound completely awful.

Poutine (Canada)

In many places, a favorite local dish is quickly turned into an over-the-top pizza topping. In Canada, that's poutine. One restaurant in Montreal made a monstrosity of a pizza for Poutine Week with poutine (of course), meat, cheeses, and extra marinara sauce topping it off.

Prawns and Sweet Potato (With Cookie Dough Crust) (South Korea)

The Grand Prix Cookie Crust Pizza, topped with prawns and sweet potato, is served by the Mr. Pizza chain in South Korea. If you can't make it to South Korea, you can try it at Mr. Pizza in Los Angeles.

Python With Alligator and Frog (Florida)

Made famous by its "Everglades Pizza," Evan's Neighborhood Pizza in Fort Myers used to serve this uniquely Floridian pizza for a swamp animal trifecta. Evan's plans to reopen, but in the meantime you can get your gator-pizza fix at other Sunshine State restaurants as well.

Shrimp (Multiple Countries)

Some people apparently love topping their cheese pizza with shrimp, but we just can't wrap our heads around it. Shrimp and cheese is not an enjoyable flavor combination, and Italians would call it sacrilege.

Whole Roast Chicken (Brazil)

One pizzeria in Brazil decided to top its pizzas with the craziest things it could think of, including car tires and an entire case of beer. But we're partial to this one, topped with an entire roast chicken. It's just so silly.