Slideshow: Which 10 Countries Consume The Most Sugar?

According to the Washington Post and Euromonitor, a market research firm, the 10 countries that consume the most sugar worldwide on a daily basis are ingesting well above the WHO's recommended amount. The organization suggests consuming no more than 25 grams of free sugars per day in order for a person of normal weight to reap the maximum health benefits, but in the number one offending country, the average person consumes about 126.4 grams daily. The rest of the top 10 follow relatively close behind. Check out the list to see if your country is included in the sugar hall of shame.

#10 Canada

Coming in at number 10, the average Canadian consumes 89.1 grams of sugar a day, according to the Washington Post and Euromonitor. Popular chain Tim Hortons iced caps could contribute to the total, as well as classic (and delicious-looking) pastries called Beaver Tails.

#9 Finland

Finland ranks slightly higher on the list than Canada, with the average person consuming 91.5 grams of sugar daily. With tasty options like omenalörtsy, pastries filled with stewed apples, on the table, it wouldn't be too difficult to over-eat in the sugar department.

#8 Mexico

Mexico weighs in at 92.5 grams of sugar per person per day on average. Churros are a popular variation of doughnut in Latin America, and the long fried wands are often topped with cinnamon and sugar. It's likely that these treats play a key role in Mexico's sugar consumption.

#7 United Kingdom

The average resident of the United Kingdom consumes about 93.2 grams of sugar each day. Apple crumble, trifles, and tea with milk probably contribute to at least a part of the area's daily sugar dosage.

#6 Belgium

People in Belgium each ingest about 95 grams of sugar daily, and being the home of Belgian chocolate, who can blame them? Belgian waffles are also a constant temptation, as they're deliciously crisp and topped with sugar, chocolate sauce, fruit, whipped cream, or ice cream.

#5 Australia

Australia comes in at number five on the sugar shame list. Australians ingest 95.6 grams per person on average daily. Nutella is a vice that's hard to shake (there was a shortage in the country last summer), and judging by the country's incredible Nutella creations, they might not want to change their habits.

#4 Ireland

The Irish are fourth on this list with a daily sugar consumption for 96.7 grams per person. Tempting desserts like country rhubarb cake might play some part in each day's total, as well as tea with milk.

#3 The Netherlands

In The Netherlands, sugar intake per person is more than four times the recommended amount. At an average of 102.5 grams of sugar per person daily, the nation consumes more sugar than all but two other countries in the world. Vlaaien are tasty pies or tarts with different fillings that come in many variations. These treats probably contribute some to the country's sugar intake, as they're usually topped with powdered sugar, fruit, nuts, or whipped cream.

#2 Germany

Number two on the list is Germany, where each citizen consumes an average of 102.9 grams of sugar each day. One sugary treat that could add to the sugar consumption of some is Bavarian chocolate cake, which comes from Bavaria in southern Germany. It's made with light rum, semisweet chocolate, sugar, and vanilla extract.

#1 United States

We have a winner — a relative term in this case. It's the United States, where the average American consumes 126.4 grams of sugar every day. Food made with high fructose corn syrup, sugary drinks, and candies probably contribute to part of the total.