Slideshow: Plan A Fabulous Vegas Vacation On A Budget

Buffet Brunch

It's cheaper than a buffet dinner and a fun way to start off your day. Eat as much as you want to energize for the day ahead. If you're looking to start partying early, opt for the drink option to get the most out of the one meal — it'll be cheaper than drinks or food at any later parties you attend. If you're sightseeing, the big meal will hold you over for a while — maybe even until dinner.

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Free Activities

There are plenty of free things to do on the Strip. Check out the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens that changes seasonally with floral arrangements and varying themes; watch the Fountains of Bellagio dance to popular music and lights; and take a stroll around the world through the different hotel interiors — from Paris to Venice to the Roman Empire.

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Happy Hours

Take advantage of happy-hour deals before heading out for the night. Drinks will be much cheaper than at any nightclub you'll go to; and if you want to try out some of the best restaurants in Vegas without the pricey ticket, this is the best time to do so. Restaurants such as LAVO, Scarpetta, and Blue Martini have great early food and drink options for a perfect start to the evening.

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Hotel Deals

Besides knowing when to visit for the best hotel deals, make sure to compare prices on websites like Expedia or Travelocity. You don't have to book your stay through the sites but it will give you a better idea as to which places have the cheapest prices for the days you're planning on visiting. The further from the Strip's center, the cheaper the hotel will be, but don't stay too far off or else you'll end up making up for the difference in price with cabs taking you to and from your daily activities.

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Limit Your Casino Money

If you're gambling, know how much you're willing to spend before you set out on your trip and stick to that number. (It's tempting to keep adding a dollar to the slots here and there but this will quickly add up.) Don't expect to win anything. Just budget whatever you can afford to spend and consider it an entertainment fee. If you happen to pick up a few bucks along the way, so much the better!

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Show Deals

Know where to go for the cheapest evening show tickets. Tix 4 Tonight has several booths on the Strip where you can find show tickets for the same night at up to half the cost of a regular ticket. There are also several websites, such as and, worth checking out for coupons and event deals.

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Walk Around

If you're staying on the Strip, you can walk just about anywhere you need. If it's hot, you can stroll through the hotel casinos and shops, many of which connect internally. If it's cool out, enjoy a brisk walk outdoors as you look up at the hotel lights and attractions.

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When to Travel

For the cheapest airfare, and likely the cheapest hotel rooms as well, plan your trip during the week. If your schedule doesn't allow for that, then try to take your vacation from Saturday to Monday for deals slightly cheaper than a Friday to Sunday itinerary.

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