Slideshow: 10 Best Crêpes In America

10. Fairbanks, AK - The Crêpery (at Co-op)

For the best crêpes in Alaska, check out The Crêpery in downtown Fairbanks. They serve up crème brulée crêpes you won't regret indulging in, in a cozy atmosphere you'll want to escape to. It's a hidden gem in Fairbank's Co-op Plaza and a must if you're craving a crêpe in Alaska

9. Key West, Fla. - La Crêperie French Cafe

La Crêperie French Café in Key West has been open for 14 years, serving up all sorts of crêpes, made from scratch with natural ingredients. It is the only French crêperie in town, and also makes delicious — and organic — buckwheat galettes, another traditional from Brittany.

8. New York City - Crêperie NYC

The wonderfully delicate crêpes at Crêperie NYC can be savored at either the West Village or the Lower East Side location. Both have over 70 fillings, to satisfy any crêpe craving you can imagine. They serve, sweet, fruity, savory, and vegetarian crêpe options, catering to all taste budss.

This New York City confectionary uses 20 thin crêpes to make each of their signature cakes.

7. San Francisco, Calif. - Genki Crêpes

In San Francisco's Richmond District stands the locally recognized Genki Crêpes. They pride themselves on their 30-plus crêpe flavors and a laid-back atmosphere. Here you can order a crêpe in any way you'd like, as a full meal loaded with savory ingredients or as a quick snack as you pass through. A must-try here are the ice cream crêpes, which can be prepared with ice cream flavors including lychee, mango, and green tea.

6. St. Louis, MO - Rooster

The Rooster in downtown St Louis is a great go-to eatery. They serve plenty of crêpes including those made with goat cheese, German-style sausage, and breakfast foods. Rooster has other breakfast, lunch, and dinner options to choose from, too, in case some people in your party aren't in the mood for crêpes (their loss), as well as local beers on draft to wash it all down.

5. West Springfield, MA - Crêpes Tea House

A soothing tea and a sweet crêpe sounds like a great way to enjoy a relaxing day, and at Crêpes Tea House in West Springfield, you can enjoy just that. The menu encourages you to mix and match vegetable options and sauces for your crêpe fillings, with various meats and fishes to satisfy any taste you're seeking. If sweet crêpes are more your speed you can choose from fruit and topping combinations such as warm chocolate or honey, glazed over a crêpe filled with any fruit from peaches to grapes.

4. Lake Placid, NY - Big Mountain Deli and Crêperie

Reviews across platforms such as Trip Advisor, Zomato, and FourSquare rave about the breakfast and dessert crêpes at Big Mountain Deli and Crêperie in Lake Placid. Although they have nearly 50 sandwich options as well, you can't leave without ordering a crêpe – they'll even customize it to your liking if you want to switch things up from their menu. Some recommend taking it to go and eating your crêpe lakeside since there's limited seating in the restaurant and Mirror Lake is only feet away. 

3. Kailua, HI - Crêpes No Ka Oi

You can spend your whole day at Crêpes No Ka Oi eating every meal in crêpe-form, if you're a serious fan of the dish. The menu names for each crêpe remind you that you're on an island and sound as good as what's in them. The Sinfully Ono is made with three types of chocolate and powdered chocolate, and the Hukilau is made with smoked salmon, sautéed onions, capers, lemon wedge, and a side of cream cheese; these are just two out of a long list of options. Cue the mouth-watering.

2. Travelers Rest, SC - Tandem Crêperie & Coffeehouse

Tandem Crêperie and Coffeehouse serves seasonal crêpes. With great coffee choices, like the honey lavender latte, and fresh crêpes that are heavily filled, to the point that they resemble burritos, this crêperie won't disappoint. If the sausage potato crêpe isn't enough, Tandem also offers waffles and granola on their menu.

1. Dripping Springs, TX - Crêpe Crazy

The crêpes at Crêpe Crazy in this Texas town near Austin are a work of art. If you're having them for breakfast, treat yourself to the Norwegian with lox, scrambled eggs, lemon-dill cream cheese, pickled red onion, and capers — who needs the extra dough of a bagel when you can have your lox on a crêpe? If dessert is what you're after, try the s'mores crêpe option or the dulce de leche Turtle.