See Global Subway Sandwiches Flavors Slideshow

Saudi Arabia

Halloumi, a soft white cheese from sheep and goat milk, is sold at Subway stores in Saudi Arabia.


In Sweden, look for Skagenrora, a mix of shrimp, crab, mayonnaise, lemon, herbs and spices.


Subway sandwich artists make a Spanish omelet with tomato meat sauce.


Diners who visit Subway in Mexico can try the Pierna Habanera, a spicy ham served with Mexican-style cream and hot habanera sauce.


There is no meat on the menu in India so vegetarian options abound including the Veg Shammi, kebabs made from soy and lentils with garlic and onion.


Down Under, Subway serves a Wagyu beef sandwich topped with tomato relish.


Look for the duck pastrami with sweet orange sauce on menus at subway stores in Japan.


Another vegetarian option in India includes a blend of corn, peas, and carrots in a mayonnaise-based sauce in India.


In Brazil, Subway's version of chicken salad is made with smoked chicken and cream cheese.


Another option in India is the meatless paneer tikka (marinated Indian cottage cheese slices that is traditionally cooked in a clay oven).