Russian Man Turn Town’s Giant Pothole Into Thriving Fishing Pond

A local fisherman decided to turn a pothole into something more useful, so he filled it with water and stocked it with fish

‘We thought we might as well make use of it,’ the fisherman said.

An enterprising Russian fisherman was so fed up by the local government’s lack of action to fix a giant pothole that he turned it into a pond, where he and other residents can now go fishing.

The fisherman, who lives in the city of Rubtsovsk, uploaded a video of the pothole’s new function, stocked the pond with fish, the majority of which have yet to grow to full size. At one point, however, the man appears to be holding a relatively large pike — though we can’t be sure if it came from the same fishing expedition.

Because local residents have already grown accustomed to driving on the other side of the road to avoid the pothole, the pond is reasonably protected against cars.

“The local authorities are clearly not going to do anything about the hole, the fisherman said when uploading the video, “so as it's here to stay we thought we might as well make use of it.”