Russia Reportedly Opening Fast Food Chain In North Korea's Capital, Pyongyang

Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, will soon to be home to a couple of fast food chains, plus a few pharmacies and a taxi company, according to a Facebook announcement from the Russian embassy in North Korea.

The investment from a Russian company, Eastern Trading House, is one of many signs that "Russia's economic cooperation with North Korea will deepen in the long term," according to NK News, a Washington-based website that provides news on the notoriously secretive country.

"As the starter project, the company is to open a network of five drugstores under the brand of Katyusha and the creation of a taxi company providing taxi services," the Russian embassy announced. Eastern Trading House will also invest in the opening of a fast food franchise called "Holy Smoke," the menu concept of which is unknown.

Pyongyang is already home to some fast food restaurants, including hamburger restaurants and a "McDonald's-style" fast food restaurant that closely resembled the American burger chain, North Korean defectors told NK News.