Road Tripping? Not Without This Healthy Snack

When you need something quick on the go, turn to this healthy snack option

Enjoy the eight flavors of RXBARs on your next big road trip. 

Got a road trip coming up? When driving long distances, snacking is essential to keeping your energy up and your eyes on the road, but what should you do when you want to eat healthy and the only thing for miles is a gas station stocked with candy that’s been collecting dust since the 1990s? You need a healthy alternative, and we’ve got one for you: RXBARs.

This protein bar is perfect for the road. They have no dairy, no soy, no added sugar, and no gluten and are made with all whole food ingredients.  Plus, they’re not messy so they’re easy to eat as you drive. RXBARs come in 8 delicious flavors and will keep you filled up, focused and energized - guilt free. Best of all, they taste great. 

Want to try them out? RXBAR was kind enough to give us a coupon code for our readers to use. New customers get 15% off and free shipping on their first order with code dailymeal.


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