A Quick Guide to Coffee Etiquette Around the World (Infographic)

A cheat sheet to some of the dos and don’ts of a few coffee-drinking cultures

In Ethiopia, coffee drinking is a ritual that usually takes up to an hour.

The world of dining etiquette is immense. The ways in which the world drinks coffee are vast, too — we’ve pinned down 18 ways the world drinks coffee, but there are more than we can count. But what about the behaviors surrounding all this coffee drinking? For example, slurping coffee in India is more or less normal, but not so much in the United States. There is a whole drinks component to the world’s various table manners. Luckily, FoodPackagingLabels.net has created a nifty little infographic to help guide us through the some of the world’s coffee etiquette — and to remind us that there is no one way to consume or enjoy food and drink.

You’ll also learn a few interesting facts about coffee in the process. For example, in Turkey, the coffee grounds left on the bottom of your coffee cup after your finish your drink can be used to tell your fortune. Never, ever order anything to-go in Ethiopia — though we doubt many coffee vendors even offer that service, as coffee drinking is a ritual that generally takes at least an hour.