The Perfect Post-Olympics Retreat In Brazil

Holding up your country's flag, screaming from the top of your lungs, and celebrating when your favorite athlete wins a gold medal can be tiring. And just because you didn't compete against (or alongside) Michael Phelps, it doesn't mean you don't deserve a post-Olympics break. 

A short flight from the maddening crowds of Rio de Janeiro lies a countryside retreat just outside of São Paulo, Hotel Unique Garden. Designed as an escape for people who need some R&R, there couldn't be a better place to recuperate after a week of festivities. Located on a large estate, the property is home to a spa, fitness center, animal sanctuary, lake, two swimming pools, and a vegetable garden complete with a greenhouse. If your body needs some greens — and a break from Olympic Stadium (or Brazilian-style) hotdogs — you'll be glad to know that guests can pick their own dinner from the vegetable and herb garden and eat fresh meals prepared by the chef. Everything is fresh, seasonal, sustainable, and prepared daily.

To up the R&R ante, check yourself into a Ruy Ohtake-designed villa or Presidential Lodge (where actual presidents have also spent time relaxing). If time isn't on your hands and you've already used most of your vacation days at the Olympics, don't worry: at Unique Garden, two days of relaxation can feel like a week, a week can feel like a month...and so on. 

Hotel Unique Garden is located 40 minutes from São Paulo. LATAM Airlines offers 40 daily flights from Rio to São Paulo. The airline also offers direct flights from both Rio and São Paulo to New York City.