PepsiCo’s Successful Launch of LIFEWTR at Houston’s Super Bowl LI

A successful ad campaign for PepsiCo’s new water brand

Artfully designed water bottles.

We all know that not all water tastes the same. It’s simply the worst when you find yourself parched with nothing but stale, off-tasting water to quench your thirst. Enter LIFEWTR, the premium water brought to you by beverage empire, PepsiCo. Before you roll your eyes at the term “premium water,” this water is purified, pH balanced and is enhanced with electrolytes, giving it a crisp, refreshing taste.

Aside from the pure water, LIFEWTR is separating itself from the competition by transforming its label into canvases for art and design. These  labels will be brought to life by emerging artists who are able to translate their creativity and inspiration into art on these bottles.

Series 1 label designs feature the inspired work of some of the most transformative artists of today including, Jason Woodside, MOMO, and Craig & Karl.“Working with LIFEWTR is an opportunity to give a huge number of people a little taste of my artwork, fueling their own creativity with each bottle. I’m also a big believer that water is a great metaphor for life: let things flow,” said featured artist Jason Woodside.

LIFEWTR partnered with the talented, award-winning John Legend to produce the Super Bowl advertisement, “Inspiration Drops,” which aired during the big game. With bright visuals, the ad features a city that’s transformed by a storm that turns everything the rain touches into the bright, colorful art of the brand’s Series 1 label artists.


“It’s fun to think my art will reach millions of places, and millions of people on a good-looking object, being associated with something healthful,” explained featured artist, MOMO. “I almost never do product endorsements, but I design my artwork to be universal and for the public, so this felt like a good fit — bringing water and art to everyone.”