Paris' 6 Best Coffee Shops

It’s never been known as the coffee capital of Europe, but these cafés defeat the stereotype

Paris coffee is getting a makeover by a series of new coffee shops popping up in the City of Light.

Black Market Coffee - $$

Black Market Coffee is nestled away in the 18th arrondissement, away from the Montmartre hype of Sacre Coeur and Amélie. Even though this coffee shop is young (it opened in 2012), it’s so fluidly operated that it feels like it’s been around for years. The Coutume coffee beans, though a bit pricey, make a delicious rich cup of coffee with true flavor; the baristas here take their craft seriously. The ambiance of the shop is welcoming, though tables may be scarce at busier hours. If you can manage to stop in during downtime, feel free to read a book with your cappuccino and a small pastry. 

La Caféothèque - $$

La Caféothèque is a coffee shop, boutique, learning space, and cultural center in the fourth arrondissement that prides itself on roasting its own coffee beans and teaching others about proper brewing methods. It recently expanded, creating a bar for crafting drinks, a bar for selling beans, and space for more tables. According to its site, the owner negotiates with small producers to get his stock of beans; this fairer-than-"fair trade" deal cuts out the middleman so the owner can pay the farmers directly. All of this extra effort surely pays off, seeing as the cappuccinos, drip, espresso, and even iced coffees are delicious and keep customers coming back.

Coutume Café - $$

Coutume Café is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the seventh arrondissement. The beautiful location is set right in the middle of a fancier Parisian neighborhood, but there’s nothing too high-brow about this large open space. The coffee is truly delicious; none of the typical Café Richard stuff here. They supply their beans to other coffee shops, like Black Market. The baristas are experienced professionals and will make you a great cup of coffee to follow your delicious meal. Each one is super friendly, and you can tell it’s the perfect lunch-meeting spot for Parisian locals. If you can make room and have a drop of coffee left, indulge in one of the delicious coffee cakes.

Sugarplum Cake Shop - $$

When you’re craving a bit of America in Paris, swing by Sugarplum Cake Shop for a delicious taste of home. This café right near the Sorbonne is perfect for enjoying a coffee with free refills (unheard of in this expensive city). The pastries include homemade Rice Krispies, cupcakes, cookies, and much more. The free Wi-Fi is incentive enough to swing by, but as you enjoy your third cup of coffee for the price of one, you’ll remember some of benefits of American hospitality.

Télescope - $

A few stops away from the Opéra Garnier, Télescope is a delicious coffee shop hidden in the midst of a slew of Japanese restaurants. When you walk in, order right away and grab one of the few tables. The cappuccinos are delicious, and the few pastries like lemon poppy seed loaf are perfect pick-me-ups after a day of strolling. Cozy up with a classic book or come with a friend, but don’t expect to stay too long, as the small space and large popularity may prevent you from spending more than 30 minutes here.

Ten Belles

Ten Belles truly has it all: delicious coffee and food, a great location, a comfortable space, and attractive and friendly baristas (it’s no secret that one of the reasons the shop is full of girls is because of the charming owner). But Ten Belles is more than just a hyped-up shop; the delicious roasted coffee and unique salads and sandwiches will have you coming back time after time. Right off the Canal St. Martin, the café is a great meeting spot for a coffee with a friend or a place to enjoy a good book. Stop by Ten Belles, sit for minutes or hours, and enjoy consistent, truly delicious coffee.