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Lauren Goeku

New Mom Was Served Incredible Hospital Food in Japan

Her hospital food looks better than some restaurants

Hospital food can be pretty ghastly, but one maternity ward in Japan has gone above and beyond with their culinary prowess. A new mom, Lauren Goeku, took her gourmet-looking meals to Reddit and impressed viewers across the globe with the quality of her meals.

The cost of her catered stay was “around $4,000 for all prenatal care and delivery/hospital stay, but it was completely covered by national insurance,” she said. And for that bargain price of absolutely zero dollars, she was served omuraisu (a Japanese rice omelet), macaroni salad, sea bream, chicken soup, and chicken meatballs, among other delicacies. After giving birth, she was served a celebratory feast of camembert and raisins, roast beef, mashed potatoes, kabocha, and green tea.


Lauren Goeku


“Is that a normal hospital? That seems super high grade,” said one Reddit commenter. Yes. Yes, it was.

Lauren Goeku

Now, that’s a major upgrade from the American way of mushy potatoes and a Jell-O cup for dessert.

Lauren Goeku

“The bitter melon stir fry is a famous dish here,” Goeku told The Daily Meal. “One photo I forgot to take was of a lunch where they served ‘taco rice.’ It’s an Okinawan specialty and I love it so much I gobbled it down before remembering to take a photo.”

We can only imagine how good that taco rice looked. If you’re not planning on giving birth in Japan anytime soon, here are some taco recipes you can make at home.

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