This Nebraska Restaurant Is Famous for Feeding Fried Chicken to Swarms of Raccoons Every Night

And their fried chicken is pretty good too!

Fried chicken and raccoons are a winning combination. 

Alpine Inn, an Omaha, Nebraska, institution, came in at No. 62 in our annual list of the 75 Best Fried Chicken Spots in America, but if you look at their Facebook, you are not immediately met with pictures of delicious fried chicken. Their profile photo is of a raccoon in a kiddie pool, and the restaurant’s username reads: “Alpine Inn ‘Home of the Wildlife.’”

In business for more than 40 years, Alpine Inn, which doubles as a biker bar at night, has been known to feed roughly 50 local raccoons their leftover chicken scraps. If you’re in the area — as a stop on your road trip, say — don’t be scared off by their furry friends; we promise this dish is worth it.

Anybody who thinks raccoons aren’t adorable needs to watch this video. They deserve all that fried chicken for being so darn cute.


So whether you’re looking for the perfect dive bar, fried chicken, or raccoon haven, you know where to go.