In the Name of the Moon, a Sailor Moon Pop-Up Café Is Coming

The sailor moon pop-up café in Osaka, Japan, is only open until Valentine’s Day, February 14
In the Name of the Moon, a Sailor Moon Pop-Up Café Is Coming

Anion Station

The menu features a Sailor Moon specialty: “Usagi’s Not-So-Well-Made Rice Omelette.”

Tickets for the Sailor Moon pop-up café in New York City are already sold out — but there’s a second Sailor Moon café headed to Osaka, Japan, that will allow all diehard fans of the celestial 90’s girl group to relive the magic.

The Sailor Moon Crystal Café pop-up, which will open at the Anion Station café in Osaka, will celebrate the Sailor Scouts —plus the talking cats, Luna and Artemis — with specially created food and drinks, and merchandise.

Dishes will include “Usagi’s Not-So-Well-Made Rice Omelette,” a nod to Sailor Moon’s clumsiness and impatience, especially when it comes to food, and Crystal Star Pancakes that take the shape of Sailor Moon’s crystal compact that helps her put her justice-seeking, crime-fighting outfit together.

Like any good pop-up that aims to capitalize on nostalgia, the café will also offer a number of collectible Sailor Moon-themed goods to buy, like travel mugs with Serena and Rini and a “towel-style muffler,” according to RocketNews24.

The café is only open now through February 14, and reservations must be made in advance, so move quickly.

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