Mythical Destinations That Probably Don't Exist (Or Do They?)

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Mythical Destinations That Probably Don't Exist (Or Do They?)

The following 10 locations may or may not exist — it depends who you ask

A few months ago we brought you 10 destinations you can’t travel to — because they exist only in song. Based on the feedback we received, our readers really enjoyed learning about all these fun, mythical destinations.

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However, one issue we came across when writing the article was determining which places are truly mythical. Some of the locations share names with cities or countries that actually exist, even though the song is clearly not about them. In other cases, the lyrics may have referred to a real place, but the name was changed to keep the subject matter fantastical.

This gave us another idea: Why not write a story about this exact topic?

Now, we bring you a list of 10 mythical places that may actually exist, or were at least believable enough that people (including historians and anthropologists) thought they existed at one point. In many cases, actual expeditions were launched to these pseudo-destinations, headed by explorers hoping to gain wealth, fame, or at least some kind of closure.

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As for the final decision regarding whether they truly existed… We’ll let you be the judge.