The Most Affordable 2016 Michelin-Starred Restaurants In Hong Kong

Though Thanksgiving isn't officially celebrated in Hong Kong, let's all give thanks this November for the release of the 2016 Michelin Guide. After all, everyone knows Hong Kong has some seriously amazing food within its borders. The problem, as always, is choice overload. Do you go for the dumpling stall right outside, Japanese curry around the corner, or Western fusion up the alley? Now, instead of saying "I don't know; what do you want to eat?," you can whip out Michelin's handy guide to the most delicious food in the city.

Still feeling a little indecisive? Googling all 57 restaurants on the list is a pretty daunting task, especially when you're hungry. We should know — we did it so you wouldn't have to. So, since they're all virtually guaranteed to be delicious, we decided to highlight the best restaurants based on the second most important category: Wallet impact.

Exceptional Cuisine, Worth a Special Journey

Bo Innovation, Wan Chai (Three Michelin Stars)

The lunch set menu at Bo Innovation is only 430 HKD (a little over 55 USD) per person and includes tantalizing main courses like suckling pig with roast Sichuan pineapple and pigeon with sour plum-infused jus. And, of course, you can end on a sweet (but sophisticated) note with star anise and pineapple ice cream.

Excellent Cuisine, Worth a Detour

Summer Palace, Central (Two Michelin Stars)

Summer Palace offers delectable Cantonese favorites at fairly affordable prices. You might spend more on the elaborate meal sets, but order off the a la carte or dim sum menus, and you'll find plenty of not-so-hidden treasures.

High-Quality Cooking, Worth a Stop

Kam's Roast Goose Restaurant, Wan Chai (One Michelin Star)

This Hong Kong mainstay is already famous for its roast goose, but it's nice to get an objective opinion. You can get a dine-in weekday lunch set of roast goose on rice for just 72 HKD (a little over 9 USD). That comes with a side dish, soup, beverage, and optional food coma.