13 Mistakes People Make When Planning Their Summer Vacation

Summer is the time when most families go away on vacation, since children tend to have the most time off from school during these months. In addition to families traveling, however, everyone else is trying to escape to a beach or to cooler-climate destinations if they can't handle the intense summer heat. For this reason, many popular destinations tend to be at their peak season from June until August, which usually makes flights and accommodations more expensive, due to demand.

13 Mistakes People Make When Planning Their Summer Vacation Gallery

While there are certainly tips and hacks you can follow to score the best deals, there are also some common mistakes people tend to make while planning. For instance, you have to pack well if you're going away for more than a few days. You never want to over-pack, but you can certainly fit more into your suitcase by making small changes, like rolling your clothes instead of folding them. To be sure you're doing your best at planning smart, don't make these 13 common mistakes.

Travel Editor Syjil Ashraf and Bianca Bahamondes contributed to this article.