Michaela's Map: Windstar Star Breeze Inaugural Cruise

Guzy cruises through the benefits of sailing on a smaller ship

Michaela joins Breeze's executive chef on his trip to a local farmers market at port.

Michaela Guzy, founder of OhThePeopleYouMeet.com, received "the invite" to sail on the maiden voyage of Windstar Cruises Star Breeze through the Mediterranean this past May 2015.

Join her and the Michaela's Map crew behind-the-scenes as they discover the benefits of small ship cruising-- including docking in smaller ports of call through France, Monaco and Italy. The adventure by sea follows Michaela to a local farmer's market with the cruise line's Executive Chef in Nice for a bit of pre-dinner prep and to an intimate homemade pesto tasting in a castle on the shores of Portofino, Italy. 

Without small ships like Windstar's Star Breeze, these European ports of call would be left undiscovered by travelers. Instead, the intimate experience brings the flavors of these Mediterranean cultures to life.

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