Michaela Guzy Explores Botswana

Local community lives in harmony with environment, respects wildlife
Michaela Guzy

Michaela talks with locals to understand the respect they have for their environment.

Join Michaela Guzy, Founder of OhThePeopleYouMeet, as she explores the floodplains and river deltas of Botswana to uncover lush vegetation and wildlife. It's a true water world so why not take your safari from boat or macora, or by air in a helicopter.

These options offer a unique point of view beyond a game drive. Bostwana boasts the 1000th UNESCO World Heritage site: Okavango Delta. It is also home to Linyanti Reserve, one of the least visited areas of Botswana bordering Chobe National Park, a vast green land larger than the country of Belgium.

Botswana isn't just just about the animals. The community lives in peaceful coexistence with the wildlife and directly benefits from tourism. Michaela talks with locals to understand the respect they have for their environment and the comfort in which the animals find living in harmony. Watch to learn how local foundations work alongside local people to develop relevant and sustainable income generating initiatives.

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