Make Travel Easier with Vinnibag

Make Travel Easier with Vinnibag

Vinnibag makes packing easier

Traveling yields many a coveted bottle…like that only-in-Jalisco smoky raicilla, a South of France vintage not exported outside the country, or that olive oil so buttery you know you won’t taste anything like it until you return. Are you really going to stuff these treasures between your underwear and extra sweater hoping they won’t shift to the edges of your suitcase risking damage?

Not when you have Vinnibag. Starting on your next trip, pack 1 or up to 3 that even when inflated comfortably fit inside most packed luggage. This tough TSA friendly inflatable air bag has cushioned chambers conforming to the shape of whatever you put inside. Think wood carvings, papier mache, and pottery suspended in air cushions that uniquely surround each item’s shape.

Easy to use. Mouth inflate, store it flat, rolled, or folded when not in use. But that won’t be often because Vinnibag’s Swiss Army knife like versatility provides other essential travel uses like bath pillow, waterproof smartphone holder, ice pack, or lumbar support in a pinch for that longer than expected bout of sitting in coach.

Image courtesy of Vinnibag. Coverage made possible by participating in a sponsored testing.