Here's What People Ate And Drank On The Titanic

Although it sunk over 100 years ago (April 15, 1912, to be exact) people today are very familiar with the RMS Titanic, and her fateful maiden voyage. First, there was the release of the blockbuster film Titanic in 1997, and 2017 marks the movie's 20th anniversay — keeping the subject fresh in everyone's minds.

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But although the story — both the true and fictional ones — are common knowledge, some of the finer details are not. For instance, what did they eat onboard? What were the differences between meals and between the economic classes? Clearly, in the movie, Jack and Rose's accommodations and dining experiences were vastly different from each other, but how accurate was this?

On that note, let's examine what the folks on the original Titanic really did eat — from the luxurious upper-deck dining rooms all the way down to steerage — during their journey, as well as what was, for all too many, their last meal.