Kauai Restaurants: 3 Don't-Miss Spots

Kauai restaurants offer spectacularly fresh and locally sourced fish as well as a range of other dining options

Don’t miss these Kauai restaurants.

Kauai is the oldest and one of the smallest of the Hawaiian Islands, and it is a prime destination for anyone looking for relax and get away. Kauai has many activities and hotels, and there are also some great Kauai restaurants that will delight the taste buds of any tourist.

Though Kauai is full of fabulous restaurants, there are a handful of Kauai restaurants that are particularly unique and shouldn’t be missed.

Among the most popular Kauai restaurants is BarAcuda by chef Jim Moffat. BarAcuda specializes in tapas-style plates from European cuisine, including French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Over at another one of the popular Kauai restaurants, tourists will find that chef Roy Yamaguchi fuses together European and Asian at Roy Po’ipu Bar & Grill. Fish dishes are said to be among the best here, and no matter the dish, Yamaguchi uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients.


Exploring different local Kauai restaurants is part of the fun of visiting this little island, so be sure to check out the much-loved Caffé Coco, known for its ambiance, island vibe, and creative menu. This no-frills café doesn’t serve any red meat, but you’ll find plenty of local fish on the menu, as well as poultry and vegetarian dishes.