Junk Food In Peru

In Peru, doña pepa and canch are two favorite snack foods. 

"When most foreigners think of Peruvian food, images of fresh ingredients and exotic produce usually come to mind," says Terra Hall, a multimedia journalist and travel writer based in Lima.

"I'm talking banana and mango and avocado, and ceviche, of course. And while locals eat reasonably healthy, they also like their comfort foods in the form of junk food. Doña Pepa is to Peru to what Oreo is to America. These chocolate-covered cookies are doused in sprinkles. The purists eat them straight out of the package, though they taste just as amazing crushed and mixed in with ice cream."

Also popular is Canch.

"It's like popcorn without the pop," according to Hall. "The corn kernels are dried and then tossed in a frying pan with oil and salt. They are crunchy and salty and oh-so-delicious." Authentic Peruvian restaurants leave these out on the table while you wait for your food and top off the dish when you run low.