Japan’s New Sake-Flavored Kit Kats Will Be Alcoholic

The new candy will feature layers of sake powder in white chocolate, and a small amount of alcohol
Japan’s New Sake-Flavored Kit Kats Will Be Alcoholic

Kit Kat 

Even the packaging is shaped like a sake bottle. 

Now that Japan has already created Kit Kat bars that taste like green tea, biscuits, bananas, English breakfast tea, and something called “Midnight Eagle,” it was only a matter of time before Nestlé Japan turned to the world of wine and spirits for inspiration.

Thus was born sake-flavored Kit Kats, based on the fermented rice wine popular throughout Japan.

Debuting February 1, the unusual Kit Kats will actually contain .8 percent alcohol, which means this particular candy is not meant anyone under drinking age — 20 in Japan. The Kit Kats will come in a pack of nine miniature bars wrapped in elaborate packaging shaped like a sake bottle, and will feature layers of sake powder coated in white chocolate.

According to the Japanese blog NariNari, the special Kit Kat flavor may in fact have been created to target tourists looking for a special souvenir, hence the detailed wrapping. It’s not clear whether these Kit Kats will ever make it to the U.S., but they’ll only cost you 150 yen (approximately $1.25 USD) in Japan. 

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