Ideal Snacks For Easy Traveling

It's easy to forget about staying healthy and well energized when you're stressing over making that connecting flight or double-checking you've brought enough water for a long hike. However, food is important! It doesn't have to be healthy per se, but you definitely want to have something with you to snack on while traveling. The last thing anyone needs is to feel "hangry" or faint on long treks. Ideally these snacks will produce minimal mess — so no saucy sandwiches or complicated packaging. We reached out to some of our Culinary Content Networker of bloggers to find out what they keep handy for easy travel snacks and here's what they shared:

Lindsey Smith:

Some of Lindsey's favorite snacks include roasted chickpeas and mixed nuts.  She feels that roasted chickpeas "provide a great protein boost and [are] an easy-to-eat snack — no utensils needed" and that "mixed nuts are always a great mood-boosting snack, [which are] especially great for traveling."

Her tip: Try making your own trail mix by adding nuts, seeds, and unsweetened dried fruit. Avoid the mid-day crash by making your own to ensure there is no added sugar.

Anjali Shah:

Anjali always packs easy snacks like fresh fruit, homemade trail mix, and protein bars. She also takes sandwiches like a peanut- or almond-butter sandwich on sprouted wheat bread with blueberry preserves, which she says "is a great one-dish meal that doesn't spoil, travels well, and is super easy/fast to make."

Cinful Cindy:

In her "Road Warriors Guide to Eating Healthy," Cindy lists several healthy options for travel snacks that are easy to take along or quick to make. A few items on her list include hard-boiled eggs, cheese, peanut butter, and nuts — although she warns to "avoid trail mix if you are cutting sugars."


Nammi prefers to keep it simple when traveling. No fancy sandwiches or special meal-preps, just the easy-to-come-by treats you can pick up at an airport (or on the road if you're in a hurry) such as salty potato crisps or chips and salted nuts — and "dried fruit such as raisins and craisins are a favorite too."