How To Travel By Plane With Leftovers In Your Carry-On

With Hanukkah and Christmas around the corner, it's only natural to get excited about the holiday feasts you'll be enjoying; but you might also be thinking of how you'll be able keep some of the leftovers. If you're traveling light for the holidays and still want to bring some food back in your carry-on, you absolutely can. Everyone knows that solid foods can be taken on airplanes and pass through TSA screening, but what about soups and stews? Even though these items aren't exactly solids, you're in luck, because there is a way to bring them on the plane without having to check a bag and worry about spillage.  


What's the secret to bringing along these delicious leftovers without having to split it into 100 three-ounce bottles? Freeze them! If you freeze these soupy dishes overnight you can bring them with you on your flight. The key here is to make sure they stay frozen until you're through security. As long as they go into the TSA X-ray machine frozen solid (get it?) you'll be allowed to take them with you. Once you're at your destination, thaw and enjoy a taste of the holidays all over again.