How to Eat Like Robert Irvine on the Road Slideshow



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One of Robert Irvine's favorite healthy road trip snacks is almonds.

"I bring a lot of almonds [on the road],” said Irvine.


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Restaurant: Impossible star Robert Irvine often eats oatmeal on-the-go.

“I love oatmeal first thing in the morning,” said Irvine. “Oatmeal stays in your stomach for two hours and it gives you enough energy to do whatever you do.”

Egg Whites

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Simple egg whites are a road trip food staple for celebrity chef Robert Irvine, who is on the road over 300 days a year.

“Follow [oatmeal] up with protein in some shape or form,” said Irvine. “The world's best protein is egg whites.”


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Currently, chef Irvine is on an 85-day avocado kick, which entails eating avocados every day.

Chicken Breast

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When dining out on the road, Robert Irvine suggests travelers look for a healthy option like chicken, which can be found on most restaurant menus.

Boiled Eggs

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Travelers looking to stay thin and trim should fill up on boiled eggs, suggests Robert Irvine. Many restaurants serve or can easily accommodate a request for boiled eggs.


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As long as he maintains his workout schedule, chef Irvine makes room for some guilty pleasure foods while traveling.

“I did have a cheesesteak on the plane over here,” said Irvine of his travels to the 2012 Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival.