How To Ask For Beer In 5 Different Languages


You might be thinking, why on earth would I need to know how to order a beer in Australia? They speak English – well, Aussie slang English! If you find yourself in a pub, you'll want the lingo right: A schooner of Pure Blonde please, mate!


If you find yourself taking a holiday to France and wanting a cold beer after a long day of exploring, you can say, "Une autre bière s'il vous plait?"


In Italy, the polite way to ask for a beer is to say Posso avere una birra? Another way to order a beer would be to say, "Vorrei una birra, per favore".

South Korea

It's tough to tackle Korean pronunciation, but Koreans love their beer, so you should learn how to ask for one. You can say, "hangay meakju [mek-joo]". Koreans will love you and applaud you on your great Korean!


If you're taking a break from sangria and want a beer to wash down your tapas with, keep it simple: "Una cerveza, por favor," it's the most common phrase you can use.