Hot Dogs on the Seine: Where to Celebrate the 4th of July Around the World

Hot Dogs on the Seine: Where to Celebrate the 4th of July Around the World

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Here are great places to spend July 4 outside the USA.

It almost seems like a self-deprecating joke about American egocentricism to talk about how the rest of the world celebrates our Independence Day, especially when “July 4” is just another day everywhere else. However, there are many American expats and tourists scattered around the globe, and it is fun to celebrate American culture. Who doesn’t love a hot dog or a cold beer on a festive afternoon? Here are nine great places to celebrate America's Independence Day the world over.

Where to Celebrate the 4th of July Around the World (Slideshow)

You’re probably thinking, “Why on Earth would I travel abroad for July Fourth?” Well, it is a long weekend, and sometimes it’s nice to modify the way we celebrate our big holidays. A little change of scenery never hurt anyone. Also, some of you — or someone you know — could be one of the eight million Americans living abroad; if this is the case, one or more of these options might seem accessible and appealing. There’s no need for loud, cringe-worthy displays of jingoism when celebrating the Fourth of July abroad, but it is great to feel at home in a different country, and this is one way to do it.

To find the cities on our list, we consulted websites of groups like the Association of Americans Resident Overseas and Democrats Abroad to see which cities had strong American expat communities. Then, we looked for cities with lots of events, restaurants, and bars celebrating American Independence Day. We also included a few countries whose Independence Days are in close proximity to July Fourth, for double the patriotic celebration. While we included a few of those annual celebrations on this list, we also suggest a few DIY celebration ideas for those looking for a tamer party.

It seems like the most popular way to celebrate July Fourth abroad is by going to a celebration at somebody’s house, and if you’re traveling, you’ll likely have no issue finding a meetup for Americans — in which case we recommend you poke around our Entertain channel’s Fourth of July section for ideas on what to bring or how to host your own party. 


Republicans and Democrats celebrate July 4 together in Budapest.

Photo Modified: Flickr / Top Budapest

Republicans and Democrats celebrate July 4 together in Budapest.

In a particularly aww-inspiring fashion, every year, Democrats Abroad and Republicans Abroad join forces to co-host a July Fourth picnic in Budapest, joining forces to create a robust afternoon of barbecue, live music, and heated debate. The city is bustling in the summer, full of a wide range of cultural programs, and in terms of food, there is plenty to enjoy. Just make sure you know how to choose the right paprika.

Buenos Aires

Celebrate two Independence Days in Argentina.

Shutterstock / Celso Diniz

Celebrate two Independence Days in Argentina.

Argentina’s Independence Day conveniently takes place just a few days after July Fourth, on July 9. So why not celebrate both? On the Fourth of July, grab a pepperoni pizza at Punto Pizza (highly recommended by the acclaimed travel blog Gringo in Buenos Aires) and enjoy it at Parque Tres de Febrero, one of the world’s best parks for picnicking. On July 9, enjoy local foods like locro and alfajores, as well as fireworks at many spots all over the city.

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