The Ultimate Holiday Airport Survival Guide Slideshow

Book an Early Flight

The earlier your flight is scheduled to leave the less likely you'll run into problems. A flight in the evening could be pushed back because of a delayed flight earlier on in the day. Avoid the snowball effect of flight delays by simply flying early and you'll be more likely to have a smooth experience (and have more alternative options if your original flight does get delayed or cancelled) — provided the long security line hasn't already shattered your spirit.

Consider TSA Pre-Check

If you're a frequent traveler, or would just rather not have to deal with the insane security lines, you should look into the TSA Pre-Check program. According to the TSA, "In November 2017, 93% of TSA Pre-Check passengers waited less than 5 min." If you're traveling domestically, the cost of skipping security lines is $85 for five years. If you travel frequently, it's definitely worth the investment for five years of airport ease. With the TSA Pre-Check you won't have to take off your shoes or unpack your laptops, nor will you have to take off your jacket or belt. If you travel internationally, the $100 Global Entry Program will cut down your time waiting in customs lines.

Take Advantage of Early Check-In

Check in before you get to the airport. Airlines will usually send you an email or text allowing you to check in online starting 24 hours before your flight. Do it! It'll save you tons of time waiting in line for a boarding pass with the other procrastinators and it can also save you money. Many airlines now charge you for waiting to check in at the airport, and they sometimes even charge more for checking luggage at the airport instead of paying online the day before; then, when you get to the airport, all you have to do is drop off your luggage with the airline. If flying internationally, double check the website of the airline you are flying with, to stay aware of special rules and regulations.

Pack Light

Speaking of luggage costs, try to travel light. Checking in a bag can be expensive and time consuming, especially if you're flying with an airline that makes you wait in the same line to check your bag as the people waiting to check in for their flight — which is incredibly frustrating if you've checked in early and are only trying to drop off your bags. If you can, save yourself the headache and get crafty with packing your necessities in your carry-on. Here are three hacks to help you fit more into your suitcase.

Find a Ride

Take a cab or an Uber or find a friend to drive you to the airport the day of your flight. Not having to find parking and take a shuttle from the lot to the airport will save you considerable time. If you can't arrange a ride, look up close parking lots in advance and call ahead to make sure there is available space.

Arrive Early

Regardless of early preparation efforts or TSA Pre-Check, make sure you arrive at the airport a few hours earlier than normal during the holiday season. With the amount of travelers and potential delays, you never know what surprises you may have to deal with once you get there. With that said, don't forget to pack your phone charger on your person in case you're delayed and need to make alternate flight plans. In addition to a charger, here are 12 things every savvy traveler should always pack.

Dress Comfortably

Nothing is worse than being all dressed up sitting on the terminal floor, or having to stand in a two-hour line in heels. That doesn't mean you have to show up in pajamas, but if you're comfortable in what you're wearing it'll be easier to take on the other challenges you'll likely face at the airport. Here are more helpful tips when deciding how to dress while traveling .

Carry On Essentials

Since you never know how long you'll be waiting at your terminal, make sure to have all your essential items packed in your carry-on. Holiday time or not, this is always a good rule to follow in case your checked luggage disappears or accidentally takes longer route to get to your destination. Having a change of clothes and small, TSA-safe toiletry bag in tow is a good idea. If you do encounter a surprise delay, we hope you find yourself at one of these airports, where an unexpected layover can actually end up being fun.

Have an Emergency Plan

Considering the time of year, delays and winter storms are a very real possibility, so plan ahead. Consider booking airport lounge access in advance. Airport lounges include necessary amenities such as food, Wi-Fi, and a quiet place to catch some sleep during potentially long delays or layovers. Some even have showers, mini-gyms, hair salons, billiards, bars, and arcades!

Be Patient

Everyone else wants to make it to his or her destination just as much as you do, so try to keep your patience. During the holiday season there are plenty of novice or infrequent flyers who don't always know the TSA guidelines. Although this can be frustrating for frequent flyers that want to zoom through, remember it's for this exact reason that you arrived early to the airport in the first place. Take a deep breath and stay calm. You'll get there eventually. Planning an international trip in the New Year? Here are the world's best airlines.