The 'Brooklyn' In Every State

Like it or not, hipsters have gone national. And whether you hate them or love them, you can't deny that they tend to know where the best bars are, which restaurants are the most Instagram-worthy, and which farmers markets to hit up for organic and locally-sourced products. Whereas hipsters are traditionally associated with Brooklyn, of course — but at this point you can find a "Brooklyn," a haven of hipsterdom, in every one of the 50 states (as well as in the nation's capital).

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So when looking for the Brooklyn of each state, we used multiple resources. Movehub created a highly intriguing "hipster index," which took a look at the 150 most populous cities in America and their density of microbreweries, tattoo parlors, thrift shops, and vegan stores, as well as their year on year rent demand increase. However, the very counter-culture attitude of hipsters often means they have a soft spot for smaller cities, which we didn't want to ignore. Taking into account Movehub's findings, our own knowledge of the general reputation certain areas have, as well as the opinions of Daily Meal staff members whose home states span the country, we found that the Brooklyns of some states were specific neighborhoods, boroughs, or districts, whereas others were entire towns. Whether you're looking for a place with the trendiest food, art, and cultural scene or hoping to feed into your own inner hipster, here is our list of the "Brooklyn" of every state.