Here’s Some GoPro Footage of a Cat Café in Shanghai

If your city is woefully empty of cat cafés, here’s some soothing footage of a popular cat café in Shanghai

At Cat Life, “the cats are the owners are you are their guest.”

It can be a little heartbreaking to know that cat cafés exist if your fair city doesn’t have them yet, or else your local health department doesn’t allow animals to coexist in the same space that food is being prepared, as is the case with Meow Parlour in New York City.

But it’s always nice to get a good look at a real cat café, where a cat might decide to dip their paw in your coffee and that’s just part of the fun. Cat Life Cafe in Shanghai  is one of those glorious establishments, where “the cats are the owners and you are their guest.”

Luckily for us, someone brought their GoPro into Cat Life and gained some insight about the care and keeping of cats from the café’s proprietor, who goes by Xi. The goal of Cat Life, according to Xi, is to help people understand how fun cats can be, and of course, to provide an ideal playground for cat lovers who don’t have cats at home.

Watch the GoPro footage below: